To remove hair, we recommend this one way

As the temperature slowly rises after the New Year, the clothes in girls’ closets start to pop up. Whether it’s cool suspenders, t-shirts or jk dresses, they are eager to come out and blow up the streets.
But some girls face these clothes are in a dilemma, “picky” they worry about their hair will affect the overall dress, so work has become an important topic before the arrival of “summer” – hair loss!
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There are so many hair removal methods on the market, which one is better?
Razor as the most commonly used hair removal method, the benefits of hair removal instant results, simple operation, popular.
But the only disadvantage is that just shave clean with a razor, and later find new stubble thick and hard, touching like a wire brush.
Hair removal wax

dermes medilase
Although the name sounds “sweet honey”, but in fact, to put it bluntly we are plucking hair, using the strong stickiness of beeswax to stick to the outside of the skin of the hair stem part, by learning the physical tearing way can not be forced to pluck hair. The advantage is mainly that beeswax just after touching smooth, will not feel the stubble, but this teaching method study is more painful, and for this way without hard plucking hair is easy to produce irritation patient skin, and may even cause folliculitis.

dermes medilase
Hair removal cream
Hair removal cream is the use of some chemical ingredients to dissolve the surface hair products, compared with the first two hair removal methods are more clean and painless, but more stimulating, some people will be allergic after using.
Medical hair removal
The first three hair removal methods can only remove dry hair, and the base of hair growth – hair follicles, there is no destructive power. There is no perseverance, three days of two hair “spring reborn”.
The medical optical hair removal machine can produce serious damage to the hair follicle, and fundamentally improve the solution to the problem of hair growth. But is not a completely can not have their own disadvantages, after all, a trip to the hospital queue system for our general development is also time-consuming and laborious, not to mention the lack of so they a little privacy.
But if there is one hair removal method which is convenient and quick, combining more advantages, it is the one at home.
First of all, for the standard convenience, home hair removal instrument can be operated at home by itself, with good privacy and no trouble.
Second is for hair removal processing effect, home hair removal instrument principle and medical material optical hair removal instrument principle is basically the same, using the strong pulse light hair removal, wavelength range general enterprise generally between 500 nm ~ 1200 nm, the longer the wavelength in the Chinese skin transmission depth learning deeper, more concentrated action to the hair follicle melanin location, play a precise and effective combat social role. Compared to the high energy pain is also relatively higher, need our professional skills to operate the medical laser, their own actual operating system to use more secure.
Some people may wonder, can their own operation really take off?
One of the reasons why some home hairdressers in the market do not work well is that they do not have enough energy. Within the safe range, the higher the treatment energy, the more light energy is locally accumulated and absorbed, the more heat is converted, the better the effect of inhibiting hair follicle stem cells and hair growth, and ultimately the better the hair loss results.
Another one of the main reasons is the problem of wavelength, and the previous we said are the same wavelength is too short to penetrate the depth of the hair follicle, for the final realization of hair removal effect will also have some impact. Balance safety and effectiveness can choose to provide energy and wavelength, to achieve the best hair removal effect of the enterprise, is a very important indicator in the choice of home hair removal instrument.
And domestic hair removal apparatus is not a one-time purchase, must adhere to the manual operation, hair removal time, so that hair removal apparatus only once for each part of the irradiation, adhere to the use.

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