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On the APP provides services three pickup modes for us to choose, respectively, low sensitivity: for a variety of noisy concerts or an extremely noisy environmental issues; medium sensitivity: for China's general education environment; high sensitivity: for enterprises more simple and quiet this type of environment, the three methods of sensitivity analysis of the relative loudness of about 15dB. Users can also choose whether they will be recorded on the phone side of the sound, and the microphone to collect the sound frequency mixed together.
The factory default is a medium sensitivity analysis mode
APP, there are two recording modes: VIDEO (VIDEO) and AUDIO (AUDIO).
Audio mode is a separate audio recording, recording APP interface will have a time code prompt.
Audio Analysis
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At the same loudness, the low frequency has improved (it should be noted that the audio response range given by the government does not include the frequency band below 100Hz, so the frequency band is low frequency noise, if you enter the late stage, you can directly pull off with EQ.) The low and mid frequencies recover well, and the human voice is well recognized. High frequencies from 800Hz will have some attenuation, because the microphone uses a weighted network to reduce some noise in this band, because the human ear is more sensitive to this part of the frequency, will also reduce the presence of the sound, but because of the condenser microphone, will record the entire reverberation, to compensate for the authenticity of the sound, so that the vocal part of the sound more clearly.
Normal white noise level
White noise level
Normal white noise spectrum
Comparison of white noise and normal spectrum
White noise spectrum
In terms of sound quality, Sensient claims reception that is comparable to broadcast levels. While the omni-directional radio mode may have too much ambient sound and reverberant input, the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is high because the distance is inversely proportional to the SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), and the main sound that sounds like a human voice or is to be recorded will be clearer.
Its small and exquisite shape design, wireless Bluetooth convenient transmission method, excellent condenser microphone, is undoubtedly a new dark horse in the field of portable high-quality microphone. Of course there are some problems related to the APP side, such as interface information is not Chinese, logic settings are not perfect, etc.. But there is no doubt that it will bring better experience and use to consumers who use cell phone as the main tool.
In addition, according to different manufacturers leak: the famous cell phone for recording system software FilMIC Pro will probably be updated version within two months of development to join the Menmory Mic adaptation. As well as China Apple comes with video recording will also be in the enterprise follow-up by adding the adaptation, there are some domestic live service platform issues will affect the subsequent addition of the adaptation.
1. small and delicate, easy to wear.
2, wireless network transmission, both stable and practical.
3. Capacitive microphone, good radio effect.
4. One-touch audio and video synchronization.
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